Thursday, March 31, 2016

Beach Condo!

My parents recently bought a condo on the eastern shore, seemingly a time capsule to the 1980's, so mom and I went down this week to begin cleaning it out and redecorating. 
We focused on updating the living/dining area, from dated beach chic to a sleek modern look and mostly on making it look and feel more clean. 
Before pictures!
 Check out the wall to wall mirror, fake trees, and huge conch shell lamps...
see also the pastel pink artwork and white wicker scattered throughout the condo. 
 The view is well worth it though.
 First we had to remove the wall paper border and prep for painting, fixing lots of dings and holes in the walls.
 Always want to have the proper tools, a crisp new paint brush makes doing the cut-out simple, and I have steady hands so we skipped taping.
 Over 20 years of grime on the "white" ceiling was very evident when we started putting a fresh coat up... bleh!
 We went with a gorgeous light gray called 'Garden Stone' very neutral, but pops against the freshly painted white ceiling and the white gloss on the trim.  Now that I've see the gray on the walls I know I'd love it somewhere in the Cottage as well.
 The goals now are to find some darker gray accents, update the furniture (aiming for the opposite of beach chic) and bide our time until the carpet gets ripped out for engineered wood flooring!
Also to enjoy some sunsets!
- Nikki

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