Sunday, January 15, 2017

Plastering at the Cottage. Fall 2016.

Last time I brought you up to date on my holiday and new job, but naturally, I spent most of my August holiday 'helping' at The Cottage, that is part of why it took so long for me to publish this, I didn't want to come off to whiny... Plastering is hard work.  
So, as of August 2016, Matt had spent a lot of time before my visit pulling down the ruined and damp lime plaster, exposing the brick in what will eventually be our bedroom. This allowed for the brick to dry out and for us to update some electrical work (post on how we totally didn't do anything dangerous with electricity coming soon!)
Now I know this goes against the grain and probably ruins any Hipster cred I may have earned when diving in to a Victorian Renovation, but I don't love exposed brick.  It's cool for a bar or a loft apartment, but it wouldn't be right for this house.  The exterior is already red brick and the interior would have originally been plastered anyway, so this is in part wanting to stay true to the character of The Cottage. 
Matt likes the exposed brick, so we compromised and ultimately decided that the fireplace in the bedroom could remain exposed, but that I can do a thin lime wash over it to tone down the red.  Additionally, Matt finished the raking out and re-pointing of the fireplace front, so it looks very sturdy now.  
A big part of what we did this August involved plastering.  There was also a lot of driving to get more plaster, and then some more, and several meals, and then plaster.   Plastering the rest of the room was  a major undertaking, there is definitely something to be said for using Sheetrock... 
Lime Plastering 101.
Step one: Be great at plastering as you assumed you would be.
Step two: Arms aching, cry tears into your pizza at dinner because you are actually terrible at plastering.
Step three: Play assistant and try to be somewhat helpful.
Anyway we got the bedroom re-plastered and no one died. Did I mention that new ceilings were put up for us? They look great and have been painted white. 
The attic has been fully insulated, which has already made a difference in heating the home, and we made major steps towards picking out the kitchen and flooring!  The next post will be much more fun, I promise, with some pretty pictures!

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